As stated above, my subscribers respond best and are mainly interested in IM/MMO (Internet Marketing, Make Money Online, Work From Home, Online BizOpp niches). Here are some programs, systems, courses, offers, networks that have great conversions with my solo ads:  

JVZoo, Warrior+, Clickbank, CashNetwork, NexusOffers, Easy 1 Up, Exitus,
Power Lead System, NOW Lifestyle, Online Sales Pro etc

I know how many scammers and
"not-so-honest" solo ad providers are out there nowadays. And I know you want the best results and more bang for your buck.

So here’s the deal:
if you’re OK with all seen above, send me an email at: [email protected]
or connect with me on Facebook (click here)

I am very excited to send your offer to my subscribers. I will do MY BEST to assist you through all the process starting from now, till the moment you are totally satisfied with my service,
so we become long-term business partners.

If you're ready to run a solo ad with me, but you're confused regarding the swipe,
or the tracking link, or any aspects related to funnel, autoresponder or ANY OTHER QUESTIONS
(including "Are we alone in the Universe..?" ;), you are still welcome to drop me an email or reach out
to me on Facebook or by mail right now.

"So What Are Your Click Rates, Liviu?"

My cost per click varies currently, depending on several factors, such as Tier 1 percentage or amount of clicks ... Also, due to a high demand, I am literally forced to regularly raise my rates.

But here's the Great NEWS:
Since you're here on my page, I would love to personally chat with you in order to make you my very best offer, so we can become long-term business partners!
Almost every person who reaches out to me ends up
getting a great offer and becomes a customer.

How does that sound to you?

------- "GET A QUOTE" -------

"OK, Sounds Great!
Now, How Do I Order A Solo Ad From You, Liviu?"

Simple: To get a quote, kindly drop me an email at
[email protected] or send me a message on Facebook
and let me know how many clicks do you want to invest in.
I'll make sure to make you an irresistible offer,
and we'll go from there.
I'll also ensure all the process goes as smooth as possible for you!
And that's a BIG BOLD Promise! ;)

Can't wait to work with you
and provide you with my traffic and my best service!


Talk to you real soon!

Thank You For Investing In Your Solo Ad With Me!

Liviu Ungureanu

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